Get Public URL for expose your local web server

What is ngrok

Setup ngrok

  1. Download ngrok
  2. Extract it to get the executable file
  3. Double click to run the ngrok.exe
  4. Fire the localhost by providing the port number on which your application is running on.
type the ngrok with port in the same ngrok.exe command prompt

Track the traffic

Once the user hits the shared link, you get the list of requests in the same command prompt window.

Request Inspection

Hit http://localhost:4040 to debug the HTTP request and response traffic.

introspection of HTTP requests and responses

Run hosted bot service in the emulator

Not only to expose localhost to the internet, but it is also helpful to run any hosted application in the Emulator. Have you worked with a chatbot or used bot services in the AWS/Azure? Then OFCOURSE below use case will be helpful for you to debug the hosted URL.

Protect the application

Do you like to protect access to your publicly hosted local server? Auth parameter does the magic. To popup the HTTP auth credential window on the screen to access your site, use the following command.



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